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Ace Hayden

Ace Hayden



Ace Hayden


Freeride Mountain Biking

Current Sponsors

YT – Industries, RaceFace, Adidas Eyewear, Giro, Spank-Ind 


Home Base: Vancouver, BC



How old are you? When did you start biking? Professionally?

Iam now 24, Ive been riding for almost nine years and four at a professional level.

Where were you born/where did you grow up?

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up just north of the city in a small lake town called Alcona. When I was in highschool my family moved out Kamloops, BC. Life Upgrade!

Why do you choose to live a healthy lifestyle & being a professional athlete? What are the keys to success and/or struggles that you encounter?

Growing up I had a lot of up and downs with weight gain. I played football at an elite level for my age 6 days a week for years. When we moved to BC, I stopped playing football entirely and started riding bikes. In the next year and a half I gained over 70 pounds and weighed 240 in Grade 11. I got so uncomfortable with myself and everything athletic I was doing was struggling massively. So I made a trip to the supplement store, made a dieting plan, and just made a point of being as active as possible every day. Ive been hooked ever since, and feeling good and not feeling any struggles in mostly anything I do, is why I do it. As Ive been training hard over the last few years, ive been able to step my riding up a lot and get back on it super easy after a few months off when the snow comes.

I find my keys to success are that I'm very mentally strong and stubborn. If I set my mind to something, its going to happen, and I don’t stop till it does. I have a really strong and mean voice in my head that pushes me and calls me out when I'm being a p*ssy haha.

One of the things that makes me struggle with my fitness is travelling. Its hard to stay on your schedule and routine sometimes, especially in a foreign country or even just being busy at events or something. This spring I was so busy I almost didn’t train for 3-4weeks and getting back to where I was even just after that was a struggle.

What was the best advice you’ve been given?  

I've been given some similar advice from a few people, and basically what I take from it, and what I tell people is to just keep the fun alive. That’s why we got into it in the first place. There are times where it gets to you, and you feel like breaking, but I know at the end of the day, if you took all the sponsors and everything away, Id still be doing the same thing, with the same huge smile on my face screaming my way to the bottom.

In your experiences what have you learned that has made the biggest positive change in your life?

Learning about my body, training, and nutrition has made a huge positive impact on my life. I'm so much happier when I'm healthy, I'm better at what I do, I feel way better, and I also don’t mind looking a little better too.

What advice do you want to give others who want to make changes in their fitness journey?

To always focus on the end goal. Its so easy to look in the mirror after working out hard for a month and feel like your not getting anywhere. And its easy to get discouraged when you're a newbie in the gym being surrounded by fit people and feel like everyone is looking at you. Just focus on you. And in the end you will come out on top.


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